Zero Cost EAS Model | ই-কৃষক
Zero cost EAS model

Zero Cost EAS Model

A disruptive business model of Extension and Advisory Services (EAS) to serve small holder farmers through private sector partners powered by ICT

Access to right information at right time is still considered as a major constraint for the farmers and micro-businessesin agricultural sector to explore their full potential. Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID), an inclusive business initiative has been pursuing ICT enabled extension and advisory services under e-Krishok service brand. The partnership strategy of BIID continuously pursue to build on the existing service delivery infrastructures (Institutes & HR) and innovative approach led to introduce Zero Cost EAS jointly with the private sector partners to serve small holder farmers.

The Solution: Zero Cost EAS

The model facilitates free extension related information and advisory services for the clients (farmers) which isbundled with input packages. BIID in collaboration with Bangladesh Seed Association (BSA) partnered with 4 seed companies (BRAC Seed, ACI Seed, Mallika Seeds and Kishan Agro Services) to pilot the Zero Cost EAS model and successfully tested the model in field. The service is branded as e-Krishok, the flagship service of BIID.

Major Features

a. The information service is delivered on inclusive basis, any farmer who buys input or not can avail the service. Thus, every farmer who has access to mobile phone has access to the service. Farmers give a “Missed Call” to the dedicated no. and an agent calls back the farmer.

b. While serving the farmers, BIID also ensure promotion of the input company and collect data on customer behavior. These data help the company as business intelligence for business planning.

The Offer: How it works

Extensive communication and awareness campaign enrolled in the field to position the FREE extension related information and advisory services for the customers i.e. farmers.

BIID developed an extensive information repository (validated content) on agricultural sectors and use expert opinions when required.

Any farmer buys minimum quantity of seed of a partner Seed Company, s/he will be entitled to receive FREE advisory services from experts through dialing at 09612000777 (Missed Call).The call will be automaticallydisconnected and a help desk agent (Agriculturalist) will call back to offer the service.

A help desk at BIID end supported by agriculturists offer the service by using content repository.