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Management of BLB in Aman Rice


“Severe attack of BLB (bacterial Blight of Rice) is detected and diagnosed in almost all Aman rice fields of Bangladesh. Almost all varieties are seen affected. Early sown crops (30 -40 days to mature) suffered less while late sown crops have severe attack. Severely affected crops appeared burnt. However, nothing to worry, we can manage BLB. The farmers are advised to practice wet and dry method. If you have water in the rice field, drain out and wait for 3-4 days. Afterwards apply potash @ 3 Kg per acre and re-water the field. If possible repeat the practice twice (with water only). This will reduce bacterial population in the soil and improve plant health. Additional measure is to apply Bactroban ( 4g per litre of water or 800g per 200L water for one acre of land). Bactroban is a bactericide marketed by Haychem Bangladesh. Alternatively, one can use Cuproxat 345SC (tri basic copper sulphate) (5ml dissolved in one Litre of water).”

Courtesy: Hon’ble Prof. Dr. M. Bahadur Meah Sir.

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