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The ‘ZERO COST’ Extension Model

The ‘Zero Cost’ extension model has been developed by BIID which is a business model for extension and advisory services (EAS) to serve small holder farmers through private sector partners powered by ICT. It is a model which will facilitate free extension related information and advisory services for the clients (farmers) which will be bundled with input packages. Every farmer who buys an input package will be entitled to receive an information service package whose value will depend on the value of products. As part of its continuous innovation process, BIID has explored the various EAS models in Bangladesh as well as in other countries and has developed the ‘zero cost’ model through a consultation process with the input suppliers and other stakeholders like business associations. As such this model provides a sustainable business case to the private sector who play a major role in the agricultural extension eco system. Bangladesh Seed Association (BSA) expressed their interest to collaborate with BIID on new EAS model. BIID is also under collaboration process with development partners to pilot and implement the model in field.

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